• SUSTAINABILITY can be measured by the quantity and diversity of birds
    and wild life.
  • SUSTAINABILITY can be measured by the quality of life and happiness of the people.
  • The SUSTAINABLE people will not leave trash behind for the next generations.
  • Tell me what you consume and I will tell you who you are.
  • We have the rights to maximize our life on earth and satisfy our need and aspirations............. however, when we leave our earth, we should leave it better than we found it.
  • It is about time for people, who are the main stewards of our mother earth, to realize that NATURE is the common ground of interest of all living species.
  • If we are not part of the solution we are part of the problem.
  • The Bobolink Coffee aims the Sustainable balance between Social, Environmental and Financial aspects of life.
  • Sustainable coffee is produced on a farm with high biological diversity and low chemical inputs. It conserves resources, protects the environment, produces efficiently, competes commercially, and enhances the quality of life for farmers and society as a whole.
    -- Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, First Sustainable Coffee Congress